Residential Soft & Pressure Washing

Keep your home Beautiful without risk of damage with a Soft Washing

Your roof and siding are two of the biggest areas of your home and they are also two of the most delicate areas to clean. They are designed to withstand rain and wind, but with the exception of certain circumstances, power washing is no longer the preferred method to get them clean. While power washing does work, there are risks of removing paint that is less than perfect, blowing out seals on doors and windows and pushing water through door jams and other openings that can cause water damage inside the home. For these types of surfaces, the industry has evolved to soft washing, a delicate process that uses environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaners that are safe for anything living, including little kids, pets, plants, shrubs trees and grass. Power Washing alone requires high pressure and a large volume of water to get the job done, while Soft Washing uses much less water and the results are the same as cleaning with high heat and high pressure. Mold, Mildew, Algae, Lichen and other ailments hide around your home, inside cracks and crevices. Even if you can’t physically see it, it can be quietly growing releasing spores and toxins into the air you breathe.

An Effective and Safe Solution

Here at Powerclean, we believe that to be the most effective at cleaning and sanitizing, it requires the best of both worlds. While some companies offer just Soft Washing, or just Power Washing, our exclusive process uses a combination of the two. We use hot water with a proprietary blend of cleaning solutions at low pressure to wash, sanitize and neutralize your home. Sometimes there are stubborn stains that require the use of a safe chemical and a blast of hot water. Our equipment is capable to doing both so that we can achieve the highest quality result.

House Waxing, Exterior Window Cleaning and Full Home Detail

Much like getting your car detailed, after thoroughly cleaning your home, it is beneficial to apply a wax to protect the surfaces from mold, dirt and other ailments returning to its surfaces. We offer an exceptional home detail service that will coat your entire exterior in a special wax formula that will keep your home beautiful and windows sparkling clean. Water will bead off the windows just like rain X on a vehicle. In fact, with the wash and wax combo, you won’t even need to hire a separate company to clean the exterior of your windows. This wax can be applied to any type of siding, including: stucco, vinyl, metal, wood and more.

Walkways, Patios, Driveways, Garage floors and other hard surfaces. BIG STAINS Included.

In addition to Soft Washing, we are able to switch over the setup to clean all the hard surfaces around your home with HOT water such as: Concrete, Pavers, Flagstone, Brick, Tile, Travertine etc. We have a full line of top notch, non-caustic eco-friendly chemicals to get out even the toughest stains, such as tire marks, oil stains, rust, battery stains, calcium deposits, efflorescence and more! Call us today to get a free estimate.

Wood Fence Restoration

We have a trio of products specifically for your wood fencing. Using the same Soft Wash procedure for cleaning the home, we are able transform your fence to make it look new again. Our specialty cleaners literally dissolve the black and grey discoloration of your wood fence that makes it look old and restores it to its original beauty. After cleaning, we have a special product that restores the wood and neutralizes the cleaner. The third optional step is to apply a sealer coat to protect it from the elements. Extend the life and beauty of your fence today with our fence treatment package. Free estimates provided.

Why Powerclean?

We believe that the best results come from the best products and attention to detail. We are not a splash and dash type of company. We don’t just spray bleach on a surface, rinse it off and call it good. We use a combination of the best and safest chemicals available. We know how to use them and make sure that they are put to their best use. We take the necessary care to make sure that everything is protected and thoroughly cleaned. We secure the area so that electrical boxes don’t get fried, plants don’t die and people don’t get wet. We have delineators and caution tape as needed to secure busy areas such as apartment complexes, businesses, parks and areas where more people congregate. Our goal is to provide exceptional service while respecting our surroundings.

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