Powerclean has established a water usage exemption that is within compliance of Santa Rosa Water Shortage Contingency Plan adopted by City Council. Our services are still considered essential to maintain and mitigate damage to properties in Santa Rosa.

  • We own and operate an industrial grade water reclaim system allowing for water to be collected, filtered and reused during service.
  • Soft washing and pressure washing with a reclaim system is a safe and effective process that uses substantially less (up to 70% less) water than a standard ‘box store’ pressure washing machine and novice method would.
  • Exterior soft washing and pressure washing removes toxic materials (mold, oils, soot, ash…etc.) that deteriorates building materials and attracts other potential health and safety risks (insects, rodents, bacteria, and organic growth).
  • All of our equipment is industrial grade and routinely inspected and maintained to insure that there are no leaks and/or waste of water.